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DB Solutions Process

Our Process

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Content Audit

To kickstart content optimization, we conduct a thorough audit of your current content. Our focus is on ensuring that your content fulfills the readers' search and reading intent, which in turn drives results.

Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis process involves comparing your content with that of your competitors. We assess factors such as users' reading expectations, content flow, and identify areas where we can outperform your competitors. Additionally, we evaluate for missing keywords to enhance your content's performance.


As part of our content optimization services, we also offer content restructuring. This involves addressing issues such as sub-sections being placed in the wrong section, ensuring that the content flow aligns with users' expectations, and making any necessary improvements to enhance overall readability and engagement.


Completing the Picture

After completing the restructuring process, the real work of content optimization begins. Our team takes on this task by optimizing both new and existing content. This can involve adding new information and optimizing existing paragraphs to ensure that your content meets the criteria for featured snippets and helps boost organic traffic. Our goal is to complete the picture of your content, making it comprehensive, engaging, and ultimately, more effective.

Performance Analysis

Once content has been optimized, it requires regular check-ups and analysis to ensure it stays effective. To accomplish this, we have a system in place that analyzes each aspect of the content optimization work we've completed. By carefully scrutinizing the performance of the content, we can identify areas for improvement and take action to further enhance its effectiveness. This ongoing performance analysis helps to keep your content relevant, engaging, and effective over time.

"Without the right tools, we can’t shape our future. And growth isn’t possible without the right mindset." - Rishi Nanda

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